Teacher Professional Development

3D Technologies

This course teaches the fundamentals for 3D Scanning and Printing. Learn how to purchase or maintain a 3D printer for your school. Participants will be able to create their own 3D Model, using 3D Scanning and Modeling software. Project idea to use in your classroom - 3D print a scanned creation!



This course is designed for the 5-8th grade classroom or first-year clubs. Learn how to assemble LEGO® EV3 robotic kits and program using Lego Mindstorms software. Learn how to integrate the engineering design process into your robotics lesson. Boost your confidence and ability to deliver a comprehensive robot lesson. Project idea to use in your classroom - Build, Deploy, Debug your Robotic program.


Digital Arts

This is an introductory course using Blender, an open source software package. Experience hands-on guided practice in the Blender interface while learning modeling fundamentals. Move and scale objects using the x, y, and z axes. Get ideas on how to integrate digital arts into your classes. Project idea to use in your classroom - Create a 3D object using shapes and export!